Flight Instructors

William “Bill” Fritsche

Bill has been around aviation all of his life.  He manages the flight operations at Alexandria Field. His father and uncle built N85 in 1944.  Bill graduated from Rutgers University in 1966 with a B.A., in Business Administration.  He became a 35 year veteran in the commercial airlines starting with TWA and ending with the merger of TWA and American Airlines. Certificates and ratings held: basic, advanced, instrument, ground instructor; SMEL, Instrument, Instructor Commercial SMEL; ATP, MEL.  Rated in Boeing 727, 757, 767, 747; Lockheed L1011; Turbojet Flight Engineer experienced on B727, B707, L1011.  Bill spends time in local government: Mayor from 1982-84; Planning Board member since 1979 (vice-chairman); involved in township Master Plan revisions; involved in Highlands activities, current chairman of the Open Space and Farmland Retention Committee. Throughout his life Bill has taught students of all ages to fly and understand the fun, privilege and responsibilities of being a pilot. 

Loren Schuette

After introducing my daughter Blake to flying through Alexandria’s Aviation camp, I decided it was time to fulfill my own desire to become a pilot. I finished my private pilot certification at Alexandria Field in August of 2006 and my instrument rating in November of 2007. Over the next years our family purchased an Archer and I enjoyed getting my tail wheel rating, spin training, and completing an advanced bush pilot training in a Piper Top Cub. Then I received my commercial rating in 2011 and in September of 2012, earned my CFI rating. Blake has grown up now and is a senior at Auburn University where she is Captain of the Flight Team. I enjoyed learning about flying and hope to transfer that love to new students.

Education American Flyers Academy August 2012, Rich Stowell EMT March 2007, Bush Pilot Course 2008, Judge National Intercollegiate Flying Assoc. September 2012  
Birth Date1967
Ratings Commercial Single Engine Land Instrument; CFI, High Performance, AGI, Tailwheel Endorsement

Andy Phillips

At my day job, I am a VP of Finance for a publishing company (paying the bills) with flight instructing being my weekend relaxation time. Teaching students with no previous flying experience, checking out experienced licensed pilots, I enjoy it all. I gained many of my own ratings with previous instructors from Alexandria Field, so now I am carrying on that tradition. Who knows, a future Neil Armstrong or Eileen Collins may pass through my hands.

EducationBachelors degree in Economics, Associate in Management & Financial Accounting; working at John Wiley & Sons since 1997
Birth Date1957 in Liverpool, England
Ratings Commercial Single Engine, Land Instrument Airplane; CFI; High Performance

Blake Schuette

After attending Alexandria’s Aviation camp at 10 years old my passion for aviation had only just begun.  I soloed my family’s Piper Archer on my 16th birthday and went on to receive my private pilot license at 17.  My journey brought me to Auburn University where I continued to train and earn ratings at the university’s aviation program while pursuing a degree in business management and marketing .  I spent the last two years of college flight instructing part time for the program which was the best college job anyone could ask for.  I spent 4 years on Auburn’s flight team and captained the team for 3 years.  In 2014 I received the Candi Chamberlain Kubeck Top Collegiate Female Pilot award capping off a great college experience.  Today, I work for a technology firm in the marketing organization and am luck enough to continue teaching and flying with my mom, Loren, in our family’s Columbia 400.

EducationManagement and Marketing,
Auburn University
Birth Date1992
RatingsCommercial, Single Engine, and
Multi Engine Land, Instrument;
CFI, High Performance, and
Tailwheel Endorsement

 Torkel Tellefsen

FAAST  TEAM representative for N85