Flight School


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Alexandria Field, Inc. is a FAA Part 61 Flight School.  The requirements include passing a written test and taking a flight test with an FAA certified examiner.  Although 40 hours of flight training is the minimum, a more realistic average time would be 55 to 60 hours.  The national average is over 75 hours. Consider a budget of $7,000 to $10,000.

More than likely you know someone who has a license.  Most people learn about flying through other pilots and that triggers a desire to learn more about flight.  Or perhaps you have always wanted to learn or maybe your proximity to an airport has spurred your interest.  No matter what the motivation you will be embarking on a wonderful journey.

Make no mistake taking the controls of a small single-engine, piston-driven airplane is empowering and requires personal commitment.  The journey will have mountains to climb and valleys to rest in, but the trip must remain an enjoyable learning experience to reach your destination.

Alexandria Field  (N85) was established in 1944 and is familiar with the pilot journey.  We like to think of the process as “growing pilots”.  Career pilot, recreational enthusiast, or thrill-seeker, we know the barriers to success and can provide guidance and encouragement when the road gets bumpy.

It is said, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  We know it takes a community team to grow a new pilot.  We take action to cultivate curiosity in the young offering summer aviation camps for kids and the airport hosts the Central Jersey Aviation Education Science Club. From the person who maintains your aircraft to the instructor who guides you in the cockpit Alexandria Field reinforces a positive experience for those who commit to learning to fly at any age.  The airport enforces its policies and procedures keeping a safe and comfortable flying environment for students and seasoned pilots alike.  A great place to settle in to being a licensed pilot owning his/her own plane.

The two (2) types of aircraft used at N85 are a Cessna 152 (a two place aircraft) and the larger Cessna 172 (a four place aircraft). The decision as to which plane to use is affected by the student’s comfort and added cost of the larger plane.  However, anyone 6’ or taller and 190 pounds or heavier will be directed to use the C-172.

In Summary

– N85 was established in 1944 and has a history of solid flight instruction, and well maintained and hangared aircraft.  A well managed facility.

– N85 has been owned/managed by the same family with pride of ownership, awareness and attention to safety issues.  Continued infrastructure growth.

– N85 is a small field, non-towered learning environment with minimal time spent on the ground and more time in the air.

– N85 has a straight forward pay as you go plan based on reasonable rates so students can progress at their pace.

– N85 has a choice of instructors using the Kershner and ASA flight curriculums along with the Gleim Test Prep.