Flying into N85

Alexandria Field offers many varied aviation activities with a flight school, skydive center, and various airport educational events, i.e. aviation camps and tours, Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce events, and Safety Seminars. We welcome all pilots and encourage them to communicate on the UNICOM (122.975) to assess the aircraft in the pattern and activity on the ground so we can direct you to the right location on the airport once you have landed.

The south side of the fuel farm is reserved for the flight school planes, no transient aircraft are allowed in that area.

Quick turn-arounds at the fuel farm are desired to facilitate continuous skydive aircraft refueling during their months of operation (April-October). If visiting for a special event or planning to stay for several hours, please allow us to direct you to a transient aircraft parking space.

Also be advised of other local airport traffic patterns and aircraft in the vicinity of N85.

As of January 1, 2014, we no longer have a courtesy car that was part of the Aviation Science Club.

Please stay tuned for more information.