Katie Doo Research

Katie Doo Research Paper – Results from an Aviation-Themed Pilot Project Designed to Improve Executive Function Skills and Increase Transportation Career Awareness (L. Castner, R. Stowell, & Ronke Olabisi, November 18, 2019)

Preserving Our Airports

NBAA “Noplanenogain”  (January 2018)

White Paper – Effective Outreach: Preserving General Aviation by Putting the “Public” in Public-Use Airports (L. Castner & R. Stowell, March 2017, 6.9MB)

A Guidebook for the Preservation of Public-Use Airports (Transportation Research Board, 2011, 1.0MB)

Airports in the Crosshairs: Outreach for Preservation

> View the Screencast (R. Stowell, March 2017, 11-1/2 minutes)

Read the Transcript (R. Stowell, March 2017, 61KB)

General Aviation News

> Could STEM prevent the next Santa Monica fiasco? (B. Sclair, March 19, 2017)