Kick-off Event

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

The GAMTTEP Kick-Off was a huge success!

168 people attended the HCRHS auditorium presentation from 10AM – 12PM, which concluded with a fly-by of four airplanes from Alexandria Field Airport.

Here are photographs taken by Jim O’Donnell (pilot)




235+/- people were present at the Alexandria Field “Living Laboratory” presentation from 1PM – 3PM.

42 airplanes, one hot air balloon, and three helicopters with their owners spoke to participants, 15 Young Eagle rides were given, 5 Introductory Flights were given, and 40 individuals registered to participate in various GAMTTEP programs. The Aviation Science Club food booth sold a lot of food. Everyone commented on the quality of the GAMTTEP program.

Congratulations to the drawing winners of the two free 30-Minute Introductory Flight lessons!


Deanna Sillett – 13 yrs. [Holland Twp.] Kneeling

Kyle Davi – 16 yrs. [DVRHS] Kneeling

Andy Philips (CFI) gave each winner a lesson on November 21, 2010

Here is the intro video from the Kick-Off at HCRHS…