Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Fleet: Prices include dual and solo rental for aircraft only, see below for instructor rates. (rates subject to change and vary due to the appropriate application of fuel, sales and/or use tax)

Click the N-Numbers for aircraft specs and pictures. In 2017/2018 installed Garmin GDL 82 ADSB in both C-172/s. May 2019 in N6341P.

Make/ModelRegistration NumberHourly Rate
Cessna 152 (1981) N6341P$90.15 + tax
Cessna 172 (1982) N65716$112.35 + tax
Cessna 172 (1982) N65758$112.35 + tax

All flight school planes are hangared year round.

Instruction rates as follows:

Primary $40.00 per hour
Instrument & Advanced $45.00 per hour
Personal Plane $60.00 per hour
Ground $40.00 per hour