In the fall of 2000 the New Jersey Division of Aeronautics invited Rich Stowell, Master Aerobatic, CFI to speak as part of their Kathy Jaffe safety seminar program.  In addition they were seeking to arrange flight sessions by appointment over the weekend to enhance opportunities for pilots to be instructed by someone who specialized in spin and emergency maneuver training.

Up, Up, And Away In Hunterdon, Inc. (UUAH) has always strived to provide unique and innovative educational programs for pilots and non-pilots alike at Alexandria Field.  Consequently, UUAH took on the registration and scheduling of lessons and secured a Super Decathlon for this training.  That was the beginning of a great relationship!

Elizabeth A. Tennyson wrote a feature story on Emergency Maneuver Training, “saving yourself from sticky situations” in the August 2001 AOPA Flight Training magazine.  She wrote, “Stowell created a course that he calls Emergency Maneuver Training, or EMT, specifically to teach pilots of any skill level how to avoid trouble if they can and cope with it if they can’t.  The program emphasizes exploring the edges of the normal flight envelope – something we rarely do in the course of studying for most certificates and ratings.”

UUAH Philosophy

Up, Up, And Away In Hunterdon, Inc. believes that education is the best way to increase enthusiasm for general aviation.  It is unfortunate that people who have achieved their goal of getting a Private Pilot’s license too often shy away from, or out-and-out quit flying because somewhere along the line they have scared themselves – gotten into trouble in the air and that was enough to quit rather than figure out what went wrong.

EMT Philosophy

The whole idea of the EMT program is to offer training exercises designed to hone judgment and control discipline.  Rich began specializing in spin and emergency maneuver training in 1987.  He has passed the 1,000 vertical-mile marker while spinning.  To put it into perspective, a mile measures 5,280 feet, and most spin training instruction focuses on recovery within 1,500 feet of the onset of rotation.  Mr. Stowell just happens to have done it thousands of times.  It took more than 21,000 spins with students to reach this milestone.

How You Can Get Involved

Rich returns to Alexandria Field regularly.  If you are interested, you can email UUAH at upupaway@embarqmail.com and provide your snail mail address and phone number.  We will then place you on the mailing list to receive information.

2017 Dates are being scheduled through Rich Stowell to combine N85 workshops with EMT lessons.

If you are interested in taking the full course with Rich you can contact him at rich@richstowell.com visit his webwww.richstowell.com or call 805.525.2037.